“Smile at an Epileptic.”

Epilepsy is a common and diverse set of chronic neurological disorders characterized by seizures. About 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy.

I picked up someone who shared with me openly about her epilepsy and an incident that happened that day. Her face told the story, saddened and looking rejected, she started to tell me that her doctor had said, “You are not fit to function in society with your condition.” I was taken back with a big surprise and quite honestly, shocked.

My customer went on to say, with almost tears, “I have lost boyfriends, and even had teachers drop me from class. It is difficult having epilepsy. When people don’t understand my condition, they are really terrified. I am hoping for a good outcome in all this.”

She asked me if I ever met someone with epilepsy. I said, “No.” She said, “Always smile at an epileptic.” As we arrived at her destination and before opening the door, I told her that I would pray for her. She left with a big smile on her face.


4 thoughts on ““Smile at an Epileptic.”

  1. This is a ministry like no other, a doorway into a glimpse of each persons world. It seems that in our constant rush about our lives we very rarely do what the good Samaritan did which was take action. I truly believe that listening is a gift which is rarely used. You are being opened a door into many lives as you take them to the places they think they need to go. When in reality they are just marking time until they are heard. Love your blog.

  2. Our first reaction to someone who is different from us is, “How strange.” If we see through the facade of “differentness,” we may meet the real person. You were blessed to see inside this woman’s soul, and you learned it was not much different than yor own.

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