A Story to Tell…


Everyone who jumps in my cab has a story to tell, whether I’m listening to them or they think I’m not.

Stories that can change you. A different perspective, a unique experience, a gift, a gossip. I want to share this journey of adventure and experiences of driving a taxi cab in small town America with a big city appeal with you.

We are all ordinary people but we are all extraordinary in our own way.


4 thoughts on “A Story to Tell…

  1. Thanks for this Richard,

    I was saddened by the comments and treatment of the woman with epilepsy – as we lose our moral compass in the western society, we also are losing our tolerance … I was going to say again, but a look at our histories shows that it is more like again, and again, and again …

    The need to be seen and heard and be valued is what is underneath so much pain, and so much of the deep longing of hearts for that something/someone Who is the real answer, hey?

    bless you Richard.


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